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I am a small homesteader in the NW Denver area (Arvada). I tend to chickens, have beehives, medicinal plants that I use, and food me and my family eat. I enjoy supporting my space and that of others so I sometimes milk goats for a friend's farm and tend to her space so she can get time away when she needs it. I love hanging with others as they learn about their connection to the earth with food and am a lead gardener with GirlTrek Gardeners as well as am a Cultivator educator with Denver Urban Gardens. Allow me to exist with a curious person, some resources, and a little time and I love getting others engaged in this birth right many are pushed away from. I get in my head space about connections of people to the environment with food and systems that should be allowed to flourish for intrinsic reasons. I am still an interim lead with the state GMO-labeling folks here and am involved with national strategy around foods produced wtih genetic engineering plus how that landscape is changing. I am Ngäbe-Bugle, Seminole, and Black with my own opinions about land relationships as well as criticisms about transactional paradigms for many land owners.

Kia M. Ruiz

Kia M. Ruiz

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